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About Us

Bright Minds For Kids is an enrichment programme for children aged between 6 months old – 5 years old. We specialise in Whole Brain Training which is a unique form of accelerated learning. We are the sister company of Dubai based, The Bright Minds Institute, which was founded by Anna Stranack in 2015. Through our original programme, we strive to set our students up for educational success very early on in their lives, helping them grow into creative, thoughtful and intelligent citizens of our world.

Our Whole Brain Training Class

Meet Our Team


Anna Stranack is from the city of Liverpook and has lived in the UAE since 2011. Anna is trained actress, graduating from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She worked as a professional actress for a number of years before moving to Dubai. Anna wanted to steer her career down a different path and became interested in Early Years education specifically Whole Brain Training. Anna is immensely proud to witness the amazing journeys taken by all Bright Minds students!


Beth is a qualified Early Years and Primary School Teacher with 10 years’ experience working across EYFS, KS1 and KS2. She is also a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher and is now teaching children tools to help keep calm, focussed and healthy in both body and mind. Beth’s passion is in helping children from an early age develop skills to flourish and become healthy, happy and connected all the way to adulthood.


Sarah has the greatest honour of being a mum to 3 boys and 2 girls. Being a parent of 5, Sarah has a unique insight into not only the difference of each child’s personality but also their learning styles. Having worked as a teaching assistant in both a primary school and, most recently, a kindergarten, Sarah has extensive knowledge and experience of working with young children.







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Bright Minds For Kids delivers an enrichment programme for children aged between 6 months old - 5 years old. Our programme is based on the scientific evidence of whole brain development; resulting in well-rounded children with the ability to think critically whilst demonstrating creativity alongside empathy.

What Our Parents Say

Olivia Taylor

Mother of 3-year old
Through Bright Minds, my daughter's vocabulary has expanded and she has learned to stay more focused. She looks forward to seeing her Bright Minds Instructor and it has become the highlight of her week!

Christina K.

Mother of 2-year old
My son's critical thinking has expanded and his love of learning has never ceased since Bright Minds classes! Thank you Bright Minds for Kids.

Shalina Dembe

Mother of 1-year old
Bright Minds for Kids is the best first educational experience for little ones! The teachers are extremely warm and truly believe that their students are capable of learning no matter how young they may be. Bright Minds kids are stimulated through developmentally productive and fun activities from the start till the end.